Bret Raybould


Bret Raybould is a New York City comedian and writer with an ever-expanding BCU (Bret Cinematic Universe).

In 2023, he starred in a hit off-Broadway show called “Race: The Movie: The Play,” for which he was named Best Actor and won Best Script at the NY Theater Festival. 

He is the co-host of Better Halves, a new show on SiriusXM Raw Comedy, along with adult film legend Lisa Ann.

He’s released a one hour special entitled “Bret Raybould Retires from Comedy,” which garnered tens of millions of views across social media and debuted at #1 on the comedy charts and launched his own cryptocurrency called BretCoin, making him the World’s First Publicly-Traded Comedian.

Currently, he has a film project in development along with Dane Cook and Dean Edwards for a script he co-wrote with his mom.

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