Taylor Clark

Saturday Aug 24th


8:00 pm SHOW

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Taylor Clark is credited with being the first stand-up comic to have ever broken through in comedy via skateboarding. After Thrasher and Low card Magazine covered him in their magazines, Gary Vaynerchuck’s 137p.m did an extensive interview with him as well. All of this transpired when Taylor dropped his self-produced debut album “Addictive Tickle” along with video clips from that recording. The jokes he released first are now considered groundbreaking comedy routines on skateboarding because he was the first comic to perform jokes that communicated the subculture and lifestyle of a skater to a general audience, accurately, and they got it. Since then he has been touring the country performing in clubs and comedy venues but also in skate shops and at skate contests. He recently recorded his first comedy special and is planning his next US tour in summer/fall of 2024 When he isn’t on tour Taylor can be found teaching comedy classes and directing talent for the Seattle International Comedy Competition (S.I.C.C) He has now taught over 200 comics, and in in his third year as talent director for S.I.C.C. His two sons and hot Brazilian wife live with him reluctantly in Everett Washington.

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